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Refresh Your Outdoor Spaces for Spring

Refresh Your Outdoor Spaces for Spring
Now that spring has sprung, it's the perfect time to update your porch or patio. Although doing so Will likely involve a few weekend hours and perhaps even some elbow grease, you'll be happy you put in the effort once you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the space.

Freshen Up

Pollen and dirt can quickly accumulate on outdoor surfaces and items, so the first step is tidying up. As feasible, remove everything from your porch or patio, including furniture and flowerpots, and then give the area a good sweep with a broom or blast with a leaf blower. Once any loose debris has been removed, scrub all surfaces with soapy water and a mop or large sponge: you could also tackle them with a pressure washer for a deeper clean.

Before returning furniture to the space, remove dirt from these pieces with a soft bristled brush or a vacuum. (Just make sure you're gentle with certain surfaces and fabrics, such as painted wood and natural wicker, to avoid causing damage.) If your pillows and cushions are made from hardy all-weather materials, you can scour them with water and soap before rinsing them and letting them air dry.


Now that everything is spruced up, you can identify quick and inexpensive upgrades that can easily improve your spaces' overall appeal. For instance, if the color of your front door has faded, give it a refresh by lightly sanding it and brushing on a semigloss exterior paint that can stand up to the elements. Or create a new look for your concrete porch by staining, painting, or stenciling it with a beautiful pattern. Other options you could try include replacing your house numbers, upgrading your lighting, or simply implementing a new color scheme through your decor. Seasonally appropriate combinations to consider are black with daisy yellow or even grassy green with brown.

Make it welcoming

Adding inviting touches to your entryway is an easy way to prep your porch or patio for the season. Try placing a spring-themed welcome mat by your front door or layering one over an outdoor area rug with a complementary color or pattern. To continue the welcoming vibe after the sun goes down, include some colorful metal lanterns or twinkling string lights that can brighten the space and make your other decor pop.
Furthermore, nothing says "spring" like flowers—there are numerous ways to incorporate them in your outdoor spaces. Hot-glue fabric tulips to a grapevine wreath to place on your front or back door, or hang a basket filled with faux springtime florals from an over-the-door hook. For a more natural touch, fill pots with fresh blooms like marigolds, geraniums, pansies, and ivy to place anywhere on your porch or patio; you could also add hanging baskets with petunias and begonias for a low-effort impact.

Create a spot to unwind

To get the most out of your outdoor areas, you'll want a comfortable spot to sit and perhaps a table for enjoying a meal or setting down a cool drink. If you already have furniture, arrange it to suit your needs, whether you want a place to entertain or simply to enjoy the lovely weather. If you don't have furnishings, search out inexpensive pieces to fill the space; a bistro set, porch rocker, or small bench would work great if you don't have much room. Choose weather-resistant cushions to ensure longevity, and maybe even add a woven blanket and a throw pillow or two for extra coziness.
Your porch or patio may be worse for wear after winter, but you'll find that even just a little cleaning and decorating can create a vibrant look and feel to help you usher in the lovely spring season.

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